Zendesk Master Services Agreement

“API Services and Licensing Agreement” refers to the agreement that governs the provision of BetterCloud API services and is located in www.bettercloud.com/api-agreement. New Zealand: You agree to inform end-users that personal data collected, stored, used and/or processed by the Zendesk Group is collected, stored, used and/or processed in accordance with New Zealand`s Data Protection Act (1993) and its 12 Data Protection Principles (IPPs) as stated in this agreement, as we explain here: www.zendesk.com/company/anz-privacy. “Non Zendesk Services” refers to products, applications, services, software, networks, systems, directories, websites, databases and information that a service is connected to or that you can connect or activate in relation to a service, including, but not limited to non-Zendesk services, which can be integrated directly into your account by you or on your instructions. 5.1 Each party protects the other party`s confidential information from unauthorized use, unauthorized access or disclosure in the same way that each party protects its own confidential information, but with due diligence. unless expressly authorized by this agreement, each party may use the other party`s confidential information exclusively for the exercise of its respective rights and fulfill its obligations under this agreement, and (a) disclose this confidential information (a) exclusively to staff members and/or non-employee service providers and service providers who must be aware of this confidential information and which are bound by confidentiality rules designed to prevent the misuse of such confidential information; (b) if necessary, to comply with an order or summons of an administrative authority or competent court; or (c) as is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable legislation or regulations. The provisions of this section 5 control any confidentiality agreement between the parties and between the parties, and such a confidentiality agreement no longer has any power or effect with respect to the exchange of confidential information after the implementation of this agreement. To be clear, any exchange of confidential information prior to the implementation of the agreement remains subject to such a confidentiality agreement. We have updated our Master subscription contract.